Meeting the media

Imran Khan and Shiraz Reddy of The Next 48hOURS will speak to PR-Net about their print editions and 48hOURSTV on Thursday, September 15 at Richard’s Supper Stage and Bistro in Sea Point, Cape Town.
Brian Berkman, founder of PR-Net, said that while still to be confirmed, he was also expecting the meeting to be joined by a recently appointed editor of a major newspaper to share some face-time and talk about how he sees the the PR industry interacting with his editorial team.
The meeting will between 2pm and 3.30pm on Thursday, September 15 at a cost of R150 per person.

Building a crisis communications toolkit

Wasting time deciding who says what and to whom during a crisis can hamper rather than improve your company’s reputation.
With more than 20 years working as a public relations consultant and journalist, Brian Berkman will share industry best practice when it comes to compiling a crisis communications toolkit as well as talk about personal lessons relating to managing messaging and intense media scrutiny.
The 90-minute session is at 11.30am on Thursday, September 15 at Richard’s Supper Stage and Bistro at a fee of R250 per person. Please note to arrive at 11.15am for refreshments as the presentation will begin promptly at 11.30am.
Research suggests that a company’s reputation is damaged less when they report news of their crisis themselves instead of responding to third-party reports. “This session will help you plan for this eventuality and be ready to respond quickly internally, in social media and in mass media.” Berkman ends.

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